Instructor Certification
Level 1

Level 1 certification entitles the holder to the designation of 4 Star Self- Certified Instructor. In addition to this designation, certified instructors receive a certificate, training manual, a listing in our directory and access to Certified Members section of our web site with training material and promotional templates, blog, etc. Typically the classroom and practical session is offered over a full day, usually on a Saturday or Sunday, the follow-up review and testing session takes place after sufficient time to satisfy the experience requirement and requires up to a full day depending on the number of candidates. Candidates for level 1 certification must hold a black belt or equivilent certificate from a recognized martial arts organization or a valid teaching or training credential.

  1. Classroom: Teaching methods, 7 principles, theory and awareness
  2. Practical: Basic techniques including releases, escapes, control and other techniques. Content may vary depending on the specific martial arts background of participants

  3. Experience: Following initial classroom and practical training sessions, certification candidates are required to log a minimum of 8 hours of teaching.

  4. Review and testing: A follow-up session includes a question and answer format review session to deal with questions and issues arising from the teaching experience followed by a practical exam where candidates are asked to demonstrate their grasp of theory, teaching methods and techniques. In some circumstances it may be possible to arrange private follow-up sessions.


Master certification candidates must hold level 1 certification in order to apply to earn the designation of 4 Star Self- Certified Master Instructor. The Master Certification program is usually offered over a weekend starting with a Saturday classroom and practical session followed by practice teaching, evaluation and feedback on the second day.

  1. Classroom: Review and elaboration on teaching methods, background and theoretical content with special emphasis on managing and intervening in conflict and developing situational and role-playing based training exercises.
  2. Practical: Basic and advanced techniques, including intervention and control techniques. Additional emphasis is placed on integrating concepts and techniques from the range of martial arts and other disciplines brought to the seminar by participants.
  3. Practice teaching, evaluation and feedback: Candidates will be evaluated in a practise teaching situation where, in addition to teaching techniques, they will be expected to demonstrate their comprehension and application of theories, principles and teaching methods. This is followed by a one-on-one feedback and discussion meeting with each candidate.


Prices listed below are guidelines for basic costs and do not include travel and accommodation or other incidental costs. Our office and home base for training are located in Canada's National Capital (Ottawa) Region but contact us to arrange training and certification dates and locations convenient to you.

  • Level 1 Classroom & Practical:
  • Level 1 Review & Testing:
  • Master:
Individual half day classroom or practical sessions may also be available by special arrangement for those interested in the training without certification. And please bear in mind that in all of our training and certification sessions we also want to learn from you. We are always open to improving what and how we teach with new concepts and techniques.