Too many people think of self- as a kick to the groin or using a weapon against an attacker. Real life, self- is more about doing everything possible to avoid fighting someone who threatens or attacks you.
All too often a weapon is turned against a defender and an ineffectual kick or punch is grabbed and the defender is thrown to the ground. Effective self- is about awareness and avoidance first, escape and control second and counter-attacking only as a last resort.
If you teach self-:
Do you teach release, escape and control as well as counter-attack?
Do you teach theory, awareness, avoidance and readiness as well as physical techniques?
Do the techniques you teach work in real life situations?
Do your training methods go beyond choreographed drills to include freestyle and improvised situations?
Are you open to supplementing your training and expanding your self- horizons?
Training available for martial arts, security, law enforcement and military instructors and personnel.

The Four Star Self- System is a comprehensive approach to understanding conflict and teaching self-.

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